Top six diseases and disorders that barely existed in America 100 years ago, yet most MDs tell us they’re “genetic” … Why?

The number one way for medical doctors to ensure that their patients don’t consume organic food and natural supplements to prevent and cure diseases is to convince them that all of their health problems are inherited. Whether the lies are funneled down to these MDs from the American Medical Association, or the doctors simply know that pushing chemical pills and surgery are the biggest bread winners, it’s all just one big insidious plot to keep people in the dark about natural remedies that could heal their ills and save them from the medical industrial complex of the USA.

Think about it: How can all these preventable diseases and disorders be hereditary all of a sudden if they didn’t exist a century ago? Did your parents’ genes and grandparents’ genes suddenly change and become mutated and dysfunctional in a couple of generations?

There’s a reason every single medical doctor has you fill out a questionnaire every single time you walk into a doctor’s office or hospital, even though they already have everything on file on their computer system. You see, they have to remind you with several questions that you have a “family history” of medical problems that contribute to your current issues, so that when you get diagnosed, you’ll succumb to the “modern” way of treating symptoms with useless pharmaceuticals and surgery. The MDs throw around the word “genetic,” even though everything is always genetic, having to do with our genes, yet most diseases and disorders are not hereditary. Therein lies the con.

From clogged blood to mutated cells, and from dehydration to inflammation, junk science food and toxic medicine are breeding more health problems for Americans than ever before, and all the quack MDs are blaming your inherited genes. How many genetically modified organisms, pathogens, parasites, pesticides, fluoridated products and bleached foods must you consume before you figure out it’s your diet, not your genes, that has you suffering?

Learn more now about the top six health disorders in America that are rarely ever inherited

#1. Alzheimer’s – Alzheimer’s disease is not caused by genes we receive from our parents, and therefore it is rarely, if ever, inherited. Even if several family members have been diagnosed, there’s no correlation that someone else in the family will develop it. The consumption of aluminum is believed to be a major culprit of this form of dementia. Aluminum is often found in antacids, certain tap water and vaccines, including flu shots.

#2. Cancer – Besides the sexually transmitted kind called HPV (human papillomavirus), cancer is not contagious nor is it inherited. Cancer is a mutation of cells caused mainly by the consumption of chemicals, whether by food, water, medicine, topically or through the environment. It is hypothesized, but not proven, that women who possess the BRCA gene are more prone to “hereditary” breast and ovarian cancers, but more in-depth research is showing that mammogram blasts of ionizing radiation and naked body scanners at the airport both significantly heighten cancer risk. Researchers at the Netherlands Cancer Institute (NCI) found out that diagnostic use of radiation before age 30 increases breast cancer risk by 90 percent among carriers of the BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutations.

#3. Heart disease – It may be true that there are some genes we inherit that make us more susceptible to heart disease, but for the most part, the current “epidemic” of heart disease is preventable and curable – but don’t take “low-fat” advice from the American Heart Association! You’re going to want to consume natural fats but avoid processed sugars and avoid refined carbohydrates. Most heart attacks are caused by plaque buildups that cause blockages, so avoid margarine, canola oil and other processed and genetically modified “food stuffs” that coagulate.

#4. High cholesterol – The biggest lies are most likely to be believed, so don’t go thinking you must have chemical medications to lower your cholesterol. Without cholesterol, we all die! Every cell in our body needs cholesterol to function. MDs make everybody paranoid. Cholesterol itself is not a problem, except for when there is an excess in the blood.

#5. Osteoporosis – Fluoride (yes, the kind in tap water) weakens bones and causes osteoporosis, brittle bones and increased fracture rates. In 1986, the Environmental Protection Agency set the maximum contaminant level in water at 4 milligrams per liter, but who’s measuring how much we consume a day? Sodium fluoride also doubles as a powerful insecticide.

#6. Autism – In 2004, the CDC ran research and found out that the MMR vaccine given to African American boys under age 3 led to a massive spike in autism cases. That research was buried until their lead scientist, Dr. William Thompson, confessed 10 years later. Autism begins after birth and has never been proven to be hereditary.

Weakened immunity and exposure to heavy metal toxins from 60 vaccines by age 7 leads to chronic health conditions our entire lives

Researchers from the Wexner Medical Center at Ohio State University recently proved that flu shots given to pregnant women weaken immunity for themselves and their babies, and creates high risk of complications from the flu itself. Go figure. On top of that, the flu shot makes you more susceptible to getting the flu the following year. Oops. Bottom line? We’re not all born weak and “infected” with diseases, disorders and bad genes. Don’t let your MD con you into taking chemical medications and toxin-loaded immunizations your whole life. It’s all a chronic sick care ponzi scheme that literally creates autoimmune disorders!

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