Skyrocketing statistics show vaccine EXEMPTIONS on the rise – the truth about vaccine dangers is spreading like wildfire

How on Earth could it be that 30 percent of California parents are going to all the trouble of getting medical exemptions from vaccines for their children, when the state’s Government has all but enforced vaccines at gunpoint? At a few schools in Sonoma (wine country), over 50 percent of the kindergartners’ parents got doctors to sign off on opt-out forms.

What do all these folks know that the panicked masses don’t? Aren’t chicken pox and measles like the kiss of death? Aren’t swine flu and Zika virus still everywhere? How can all of these parents let their children go to elementary school without the HPV jab?

According to the lying mass media, infectious disease rates were “ticking up” in California just a few years back. That’s conveniently when Senator Richard “Mercury Joker” Pan laid down the law and banned all personal and religious vaccine exemptions (while behind closed doors pressuring pediatricians to say no to medical exemptions too).

Santa Cruz, Nevada City, Berkeley, Arcata all had 30 percent “medical exemption” opt-out rates for kindergartners for 2017/2018 school year

All vaccines are harmful to your health, not just the unnecessary ones. Most parents have no clue that vaccinated children are most apt to spread the disease they just got injected with during the first two weeks, or more, after getting the “live” virus jabs, and that includes measles and the flu (shedding the injected live virus).

Yep. And they’re mixed strains of genetically modified versions of the wild virus, so they are completely unpredictable, even if given alone. Now there are combo jabs being pushed into children’s muscle tissue containing five or even six different infectious diseases at once, along with formaldehyde, mercury, aluminum, abortion cells, trace amounts of latex and peanut oil, eggs, dairy, bovine, eagle, dog, and chicken DNA. Next thing you know they’ll be using African Green Monkey kidney cells and incurable wild pig diseases in childhood vaccination concoctions. Oh, wait, they already do.

Vaccine fanatics in California call it the “Hail Mary” of the vaccine “refusers” – but they’re the ones praying “that the excipients” in those 60 vaccines they give their kids before age seven don’t turn them into Autism Spectrum Disorder nightmares they might not “wake up” from.

Now the Supreme Court just halted the ban in New York keeping non-vaccinated kids from going out in public for 30 days, for fear they might spread the measles. The judge called it absurd, basically, and random, and said it’s quite far from what could be classified as an epidemic.

The spike and fall of vaccination for California’s children

Medical exemptions may be on the rise, but the Mercury Joker Pan succeeded in vaccinating over 12,000 California kids in four years that otherwise would have opted out using either religious exemption or personal exemption, that were legit before 2013 and 2016, respectively. Thanks to California Healthline for publishing the data, that also shows medical vaccine exemptions tripling in the past two years.

Completely ethical doctors are now being labeled as “unethical” by the sick-care industrial complex that’s always backed up by the insidious American Medical Association, another racket that only allows chemical medicine in the USA to be called ethical. Oh the irony.

The problem with some doctors providing these medical exemptions is the burden of proof is on the patient, to prove (more) vaccines could cause (more) health damage. Well, with all the carcinogens and GMOs in food and personal care products, the vaccine toxins could just be the proverbial straw that breaks the camel’s back, and in many cases, we’re talking about newborn babies and infants, or living babies still in the womb.

So now the patient must bring medical proof from medical doctors who lose their reputation if they help patients sign forms that keep their children from being injected with known neurotoxins and genetically modified cells from other animals, including humans. That makes no sense at all, but it’s not just vaccines they push, it’s philosophy and power.

Still, mainstream media and all the “injectors” will sell you on some measles outbreak that’s about to “rip through their schools” and decimate the vaccinated children. Wait, what? Do we need to have a discussion on mercury (listed as thimerosal to trick everybody)  lowering immunity of children?

Where is the open forum of dozens of “pro-vax” scientists debating “live” on the air with Naturopathic Physicians about the pros and cons of what’s in today’s vaccine vials? How about that broadcast on every major network? That is, if the science is really behind vaccines. The natural health community will also bring statistics from the CDC regarding injuries and settlements as payouts to the tune of $4 billion. Can you say “slush fund” without gagging? Then we’ll talk about ethics and the moral code of the AMA.

The FACT that vaccines can cause “run of the mill” allergies and asthma is less of concern than many severe autism cases, paralyzed children, and deaths

Most children with a decent immune system have no problem beating the measles and chickenpox, so really, the vaccine fanatics are picking the wrong disease to argue about in the first place. Why all the media hype and frenzy? That’s because measles is just the litmus test. Once we all accept force vaccination laws, next comes swine, Zika, bird flu, Ebola and anthrax experimental “immunizations.”

More than 4,000 kindergartners received medical exemptions to vaccines in California for the 2017-2018 school year. Just how many vaccinated children spread measles in California during that year we’ll never know. Still, the blame will be cast on the non-vaccinated, because that’s where the money and control lies, with having a good scapegoat. That’s how Hitler used the Jews.

Stop believing in FAKE science and tune in to for updates on millions more Americans opting out of one of the worst medical disgraces ever perpetuated on the masses.

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